# Equipment

As a fully remote company, it's important for us to provide the equipment essential for team members to have a comfortable setup.

When you join Meilisearch, purchasing equipment happens in 2 stages:

  • Our HR/Office Manager will order your computer and have it delivered to you quickly after you accept our job offer.
  • Once your officially start your new role, you will get to choose additional equipment.

# 💻 Ordering your MacBook

A computer will be ordered for you before your start date. Someone from the team will confirm with you what we will provide and to what address we should send it.

If you are a Software Engineer, we will provide you with a new MacBook Pro with the latest processor and an International Qwerty keyboard. If your job doesn't require you to code, we may provide you with another type of Mac.

You should receive the laptop before your start date. There is usually a 3-4 weeks delay from Apple before the computer is shipped. We will order the computer, and it will be delivered to your home address.

💫 If it’s not possible to order your computer from France to your country, or if the delay for shipment is too long, we may ask you to buy your computer from your local Apple store and expense it to Meilisearch.

# ⌨️ 🖱 🪑 Additional equipment

During your first week of onboarding, a call with someone from HR will be scheduled to review your equipment needs.

Additionally to your computer, we recommend that you have the following items to work comfortably:

  • A desk
  • A comfortable desk chair
  • A monitor, ideally, one 27" screen, or two 24" screens if you're coding
  • Headphones
  • A microphone, either integrated into your headset or separate.

You may not already have all of these items, which is why we partner with Fleex (opens new window) to provide you with this additional equipment. During your onboarding, a Fleex account will be created for you. You will be allowed a certain number of points on the platform that you will be able to "spend" on the items that are part of their catalog. The items belong to Fleex. They will be delivered to your home when you are onboarded and picked up when you leave the company. A purchasing option will be offered during your departure.

# About Fleex

# 💳 Procurement

  1. Create your Fleex account or log in (opens new window). You should have an email from Fleex to create your account: if you did not get this email, ping your manager or someone from HR.
  2. Order the equipment you need in the catalogue. Make sure you have all the must-have items before you order optional items. You have a set number of points: be careful to prioritize accordingly! Every piece of equipment will use some of your points.
  3. Fleex will deliver the items to your home address. If it’s furniture (chairs and desks), Fleex will text you to arrange a set time for delivery, as they will assemble your equipment for you in the room of your choice. They will also take all the packaging back so you don’t have to dispose of it yourself. For the other items, TNT Express will deliver the package: you’ll have to be present (or someone else in your home/a building manager) to sign upon receipt.

# 🚚 How to change the pieces of equipment your ordered

If you changed your mind or find your new item(s) do not fit well in your home/setup, you have 3 days after the delivery to ask Fleex to take the item back. You’ll be recredited with your points and you can order something else instead.

As well as the possibility to return the items at once if they don’t fit, you can exchange your equipment twice within 24 months, for example if you’re moving and need a bigger/smaller desk or if your needs change.

You can exchange as many pieces of equipment as you wish during one exchange: for example, one exchange in which you send back your mouse will count as “one exchange” and one exchange in which you send back your keyboard, your mouse, your desk and your chair will also count as “one exchange”.


♻️ Neither you nor Meili owns the equipment you’ll order through Fleex. We rent it, and it’ll be redistributed to other people when you send it back.

# ✋🏿 What to do if you have a question about Fleex or what to order

If you have a question about your delivery, want to change some of your equipment, or need to change anything in your Fleex account, contact them directly! We at Meili won’t be able to give you any information on the status of your delivery or when your order is going to get to you: you’ll have the fastest answer possible by going through Fleex directly.

# ❓FAQ

  • Where is Fleex available?

    For now, Fleex is only available in Europe and may not be able to deliver the complete catalog to all European countries. If you live in a country where Fleex is unavailable and you need specific equipment, an alternative solution will be found on a case-by-case basis.

  • What if I need equipment that is specific to my job?

    If you need specific software or material, please discuss this with your manager. This will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

  • Do I need to check with my manager before ordering something on Fleex?

    No, you prioritize depending on what you need and the number of points you have.

  • What about non-tech office supplies?

    You can expense office supplies, including pens, notebooks, etc. Please be sure to check with your manager first, and keep the receipts for justification.

  • What do I do with my computer when I leave Meili?

    You will be given the opportunity to buy the laptop at the fair market value depending on its age. If you do not want to purchase the laptop, you will be asked to mail it back to Meili, along with the accessories such as the case and adaptor. We will pay for postage.

  • I need an item that’s not listed in the Fleex catalogue, what should I do?

    You can get in touch with Fleex and ask them if they can add it to their catalogue: they’ve added a fair number of products this way! If it’s not something that can be available on Fleex (for example paper, pens) or a very specific product you need for your job, clear it with your manager and buy it with Spendesk once you have the green light.

  • Can I ask for a replacement if my item is damaged?

    Yes, get in contact with Fleex to arrange it!

  • Can I buy the equipment if I want to keep it?

    Yes it’s possible to buy the equipment from Fleex if you want to keep it. Get in touch with them: they’ll propose a price to you and you can accept or decline the offer.

  • Is the equipment new?

    It can be but probably won’t! Fleex either recycles or reuses the equipment when it gets back to their storage. This makes the equipment more sustainable as it has many lives.

  • Can Meili see what I ordered on Fleex?

    Yes, the HR team has access to the equipment you ordered and your exchanges. We’d have deleted the items from the catalogue if we didn’t want you to order them: feel comfortable to order any optional item you want with your points! We want you to have a setup you’re happy with.

  • What happens to the equipment I ordered if I leave Meili?

    Fleex will arrange a time with you to come and get your equipment back. They’ll bring boxes and such if you don’t have any. It’ll then be either recycled or distributed to other people who use Fleex.

  • What do I do with my computer if I leave Meili?

    You will be given the opportunity to buy the laptop at the fair market value depending on its age. If you do not want to purchase the laptop, you will be asked to mail it back to Meili, along with the accessories such as the case and adaptor. We will pay for postage.