# Mental Health Resources

As a Meili employee, you have free access to 6 sessions a year with a psychologist, therapist (sophrology, hypnotherapy) and/or a coach through our partnership with Moka.care (opens new window).

You can also:

⚠️ These sessions are not an emergency service and do not give you access to a psychiatrist (i.e none of these therapists will prescribe any medication). They can however provide you with a referral to the right person and be the first step to getting the right support.

🧘🏽 Medical Privacy

Neither Meili nor Moka employees (apart from the practitioner(s) supporting you) will know whether you are using your sessions or not.
No one apart from you and your practitioner will have any information about what you talked about in your session(s). You can read the full list of what Moka shares with Meili below.

# Set up your account

You will get an email from Moka. If you did not get this email, ping @Laurène. You will need to sign up with your Meili email address.

🧘🏽 If you have trouble, ping @Laurène with the email address you used so she can check your address was added to the list.

# What does Moka share with Meili?

  • The number of people who created an account
  • The number of people who had a least one session with a practitioner
  • The total number of sessions used by the Meili employees as a whole

This is for billing purposes and ensure we as a company pay the practitioners a fair price.

  • The themes that emerge from the pages consulted in the Self-Care articles (not from your sessions) and from the anonymous feedback questionnaires they send out. For example, these themes could be "anxiety" or "private/professional balance".

The goal is to help the company know there could be a global issue with one or several themes so we can work on it.

# Why implement a mental health solution?

Taking care of your body, exercising, paying attention to what you eat is absolutely necessary. When you have a cold, a fever, you go see a doctor. So why not have the same logic when it comes to your state of mind?

It's normal for personal and professional lives to get difficult at times, and we feel it is necessary to offer our team members a way to take care of their mental health, in the same logic some offer a gym membership. Health comes first.


  • Do I have to use this service?

    No, you don't have to. How you decide to take care of your mental health is your decision. We just want you to know this resource exists and that you can use it any time.

  • Do I have to use these sessions for work related issues?

    No, your sessions can be about personal subjects.

  • There are so many practitioners, how can I choose someone?

    You can set up a call with Moka's team from your account. They will listen to you and advise you on the best method and/or the best practitioner for you. You can of course choose someone else or change your practitioner later on, but from what we know this works really very well! There is no limit on the number of orientation calls you can set up.

  • I don't need a therapist, so why does this concern me?

    As the sessions are covered by Meili, it doesn't cost anything to have a check-up, just like you would at your GP's! You don't necessarily have to have "problems" to set up a session. It could be about broadening your mindset with a coach or discuss an important life change. If nothing comes to mind, you don't have to consult anyone. We just want you to know you have this resource to help you if you ever have a need for it.

  • I already have a therapist, can I still use my Moka sessions?

    Yes, your sessions through Moka's practitioners can be complementary to your regular follow-up. You can consult a coach on a different issue if you're followed by a psychologist for example, or you could try a different approach.

  • Can I keep my Moka therapist after the 6 sessions covered by Meili are up?

    Yes, you can! You'll have to check with them how you'll have to set your next appointments but it is possible.

    🇫🇷 If you have a French contract at Meili, you have a "alternative medicine" package with the Alan health-insurance. This includes a reimbursement of 70€ five times a year for acupuncture, chiropractic adjustment, dietician, etiopathy, osteopathy, pedicure-podology and psychology specialists. This means you can get reimbursed through Alan for up to 5 sessions with your therapist after the 6 covered by Meili.

  • What are some examples of subjects I could discuss with a practitioner?

    Here are the main thematics listed by Moka (in alphabetical order):

    • Addictions, phobias, emotional and behavioral disorders
    • Approach a new work position with confidence
    • Depression
    • Grief, illness
    • Intimate relationships, sexuality, sexual identity
    • Managing emotions
    • Meaning, motivation, energy & fulfillment
    • Mental load, overwork, burn-out
    • Organization, life balance, harmony
    • Parenting and family relationships
    • Relationships at work
    • Self-confidence, impostor syndrome
    • Shock, trauma, crisis
    • Sleep, nutrition
    • Stress, anxiety

    However, you can breach any subject with your practitioner. Often, the first subject you approached them with isn't what you end up speaking about the most!

  • Why did Meili chose Moka.care (opens new window)?

    We made a benchmark of several mental health platforms in Autumn 2021: Moka.care, MindDay, Moodwork, Alan Mind, Teale and Upfeel. At the time, Moka seemed the best suited to our philosophy. However, the HR Team is open to all your feedbacks.

  • I have another question!

Get in touch with @Laurène or @Morgane Neff, we'll be happy to answer! If you want to remain anonymous, reach out through OfficeVibe instead.

Last Updated: 12/26/2023, 9:16:31 AM