# Manager Steps

Level IC Core Duties Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
Level 1: Lead/Manager IC3 Executes well-defined work assignments that are subject to a moderate level of control and review. Meets regularly with direct reports; ensures tasks are completed as specified. Deepens experience in giving clear expectations, goals and accountabilities for team members Frequently solicits, synthesizes and delivers increasingly nuanced feedback; helps individuals set goals and works to ensure teammate growth
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Operates at a high level within their scope; responsible for their team's overall productivity and collective impact
Level 2: Lead/Manager IC4 - Executes assignments in the form of objectives with goals and the process by which to meet goals.
- Builds a strong culture of open communication, where teammates can ask questions without fear
- Mentors, coaches, and deeply contributes to the career development of their team and others
- Communicates timelines, scope and milestones to stakeholders.
- Partners effectively outside their area to manage projects
- Leads delivery of major initiatives on clear timelines
- Building successful record of project execution
- Works to develop holistic perspective on the organization, its vision and its activities - Excels at getting the team to focus on the highest-impact projects
- Excellent track record of developing and growing teammates
- Strong ability to delegate
Level 3: Senior Manager/Associate Director/Head of “X” IC5 - Receives work in the form of objectives and determines how to use resources to meet schedules and goals.
- Decreasing amount of supervision across the steps
- Able to lead recruiting efforts and determine headcount for their team
- Establishes procedures that affect the immediate organization.
- Proactive in identifying and clearing roadblocks for the team - Seeks opportunities to grow beyond their strengths and develop a broad repertoire of complementary capabilities - Drives excellent results with little supervision
- Increasing time spent creating and refining strategy, connecting the dots and observing important trends and patterns at the high level
Level 4: Director IC6 - Establishes operational objectives and work plans and delegates assignments to teammates.
- Involved in developing, modifying and executing company policies that affect immediate operations and may have company-wide effect.
- Might manage teammates who manage others
- Focused on developing initiatives that others will likely execute
- Responsible for examining and evaluating the organization’s process - Establishes direction and communicates direction (vision and strategies) to stakeholders Is able to motivate stakeholders to implement strategies and fulfill their vision - Exercises excellent critical thinking and has a track record of proven good judgment and successfully executed high-level projects
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