# Sports and well-being

As a Meili employee, you have access either to a Gymlib membership or a stipend of 60€ each month for sports.

# Sports stipend

The stipend is open to everyone who doesn’t have a Gymlib membership. You can upload your invoices on Oyster or Payfit (see Expense policy) and be reimbursed up to 60€ at the end of each month.


⚠️ You can take an annual subscription, but Meilisearch will reimburse you on a monthly basis.

We base the reimbursement on the services available on Gymlib so it’s fair for everyone. These include:

  • Gym membership and other subscriptions
  • Courses with a coach or in a group
  • Access to sport facilities (swimming pools, indoor climbing sites…)
  • Renting equipment (bike, skis…)
  • Sport and meditation Premium apps

They don’t include:

  • Buying sport equipment
  • Spa and hammam

# Activities

This list is based on some of the activities proposed by Gymlib and that are typically open for reimbursement. It’s not exhaustive but should give you a good idea!

  • Racket sports: table tennis, tennis, padel, badminton, squash…
  • Team sports: volleyball, basketball, soccer…
  • Well being: yoga, cryotherapy, massage, pilates, soft gym, stretching…
  • Water sports: swimming, aquagym, surfing, aquabike…
  • Combat sports: boxing, martial arts, capoeira…
  • Fitness, Swedish Gym…
  • Dance
  • TRX, HIIT, bodybuilding, barre…
  • Pole dancing
  • Cycling
  • Climbing
  • Parkour, lightsaber, axe throwing…

If in doubt, ping the HR team to know if you can submit your expense for reimbursement (or if you should validate the expense if you’re a manager).

# Gymlib membership

Gymlib is open in France and Belgium.

🌐 We need 5-10 people in a specific country (or area covered by the company) to open a comparable global subscription service. That’s why this membership is limited to France and Belgium for now. That could change as Meilisearch grows!

Gymlib has 4000+ partners for sports and well-being with more than 300 different activities: yoga, swimming, fitness, indoor football, boxing, golf, climbing, swimming pool, etc. We advise you to check that your area has facilities you’d want to go to on Gymlib’s website (opens new window).

Some of these sessions are available as online courses you can do from home.

Gymlib also gives you access to Premium applications such as Petit Bambou, Mind, Daily Yoga, Foodvisor.

You will have a defined number of pulses each month that you can spend in different ways (a private coaching session will use more pulses than a swimming pool access). All subscriptions options are covered by Meilisearch so feel free to choose the one with the most pulses! We will pay the same amount whichever you select.

You can read the user guide by Gymlib here (opens new window) (in French).

  • How to create an account?

    Download the Gymlib app and create an account with your Meilisearch email address. If you’re not recognized as a Meilisearch user, contact @MorganeNeff.

    Links to the app:

    QR Code
  • What subscription options are covered by Meili?

    All of them at 100% 😎 You can choose any option from “Easy” to “Rocky”.

    Subscription options

  • How to book a session?

    For facilities with free access, you do not need to make a reservation in advance of your visit.

    For facilities with reservations, all the information is indicated on the page of the facilities concerned. You can cancel a session with a reservation by respecting the time limit required and specific to each facility.

  • How to claim a session?

    Each time you visit a facility, whether your session is booked or not, you must validate your session by geolocation. Warning: for facilities with bookings, forgetting to validate may result in a penalty. You can deactivate your geolocation once your session has been validated, Gymlib do not store the information.

    To do so, go to the "My sessions" area of your application (bottom right) and select the session you want to validate. In front of/in the infrastructure, click on "Validate my presence".

    Present your validation at the reception and enjoy your session!

    ⚠️ For some facilities, especially swimming pools, you may have to advance the entry fee. Check on the facility’s page if that’s the case. If so, you can submit an expense to Meilisearch on Payfit/Oyster and Gymlib will reimburse us in turn.

  • How to contact Gymlib’s support?

    You can reach out to Gymlib’s support here (opens new window) or read their FAQ (opens new window) here.

  • Can I change my mind and switch to the stipend instead?

    Yes, cancel your subscription on Gymlib and let HR know you’re switching!

  • Gymlib is asking for my credit card number, is this normal?

    Yes unfortunately. Gymlib was designed with the idea that the employees and the company would share the price of the subscription, and as such adding a credit card number is build into the app. You won’t be charged—check that the subscription amount is 0€ before adding this information.

Last Updated: 12/26/2023, 9:33:33 AM