# One of my colleagues is leaving Meilisearch

Your manager will be the one to announce to you and your team that someone is leaving, even if the person leaving is part of a different team. This announcement is made just after their departure is official (signed).

Of course, you may already have heard from that person directly—that’s fine too! If they told you in private, do not spread the word if they ask you to keep their news to yourself.

Feel free to ask more information or raise any concerns to the person who’s leaving and/or someone at Meili. This can be to your manager, their manager, the founders, the HR Team...

If you feel something has been overlooked (current project, redistribution of their tasks, information they’re the only one to have), share this with their manager as soon as possible.

# Answers to your questions

  • Someone left on the day their departure was announced, is that normal?

    Yes. If this person was on a trial period, it has been decided with their manager that their notice should be paid in full rather than worked. If the person was a confirmed team member of Meilisearch, they negotiated their notice. If the person was a contractor or an intern, their last day was planned from the beginning.

  • Do we do leaving parties?

    We leave the organisation of this to the person who’s leaving. However, if you want to launch a kitty for a joint departure gift, set up a card for the person leaving, or organise a (virtual) leaving party (with their permission), feel free to do so!

  • I may be interested in the tasks they were doing, can I be considered for their job?

    If you are interested in all or part of the scope, go and have a chat with their manager! We can’t promise anything in a FAQ, but if you don’t ask you’ll never know. At the very least we will seriously consider it and discuss it with you.

  • They did not list a way to contact them, how can I send them a message?

    Check their LinkedIn, it may be the easiest way! If you can’t find a way to contact them, you can ask someone who has their contact details to get permission to share their personal address. If all else fails, the HR team can send a request for you.

Last Updated: 12/26/2023, 9:33:33 AM