# Salary grid

Meilisearch's salary grid is updated on Google Sheets (opens new window).

# 08/22 Meilisearch grid update

➡️ Applicable starting August 1st 2022, for Software Engineers and Tech Writers

➡️ To view the grid click here (opens new window)

# A new presentation for salary grids

In the Salary Grid tab, you can see 4 categories: Total cost for company, Gross salary in France, the US, and Italy.

👉 Total cost for company 🌎

The total cost for company value will be used to calculate a gross salary or contractor fee. The gross salary for an employee will then be defined by taking into account employer costs and/or taxes in their country.

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    Screenshot 2022-05-05 at 14.20.14.png

We calculate employer costs in each country based on the data provided by Oyster HR (opens new window), who acts as an intermediary for international contracts.

For example:

We want to make an offer to a candidate in Cambodia. We have agreed on a level and a step for this person. Our calculations will look like this:

total cost for company

- employer costs in Cambodia

- lunch stipend (same for everyone)

- health insurance (if not included in employer costs)

- Oyster HR fee

= gross salary to offer to the candidate

➡️ This system allows us to compensate work in the same way, regardless of location.

Levels, steps, and paths remain unchanged.

👉 Gross salary in France 🇫🇷 US 🇺🇸 and Italy 🇮🇹

We have added these views to facilitate the reading. For France and Italy, they are based on the local employment contracts we have currently. The values correspond to the gross salary you would receive as an Italian or French employee.

For the US, the values will be used to make offers to US candidates.

These values correspond to the same calculations taken in the example above.


⚠️ We do not plan on adding a specific grid each time we hire someone in a new country, but will gladly provide details upon request.

👉 What about contractors? 🤨

Today we have contractors in other parts of the world than the ones shown in the new grid. Unfortunately we lack data to automatize calculations for the contractor fees we are able to offer. However the base will be the same: we will start from the total cost for the company value, and discuss a global amount directly with the person.

👉 A step towards a more inclusive recruitment process

Having the total cost for the company allows us to showcase a salary level when we publish job adverts. It sends a message to candidates

  • that we have a salary grid in place that is the same for everyone, and therefore won’t offer a salary impacted by personal bias,
  • that we want to compensate work in the same way, no matter where you live,
  • about our initiatives towards market relevancy.

# Updates for Software Engineers and Technical Writers

For now, we are only updating grids for Engineering and Technical Writing roles.

We need to be closer to what the market is offering internationally. This update will support us in being more competitive in our recruitments, and address profiles with seniority, as well as candidates in North America.

How were the values calculated?

The values for both are based on an aggregation of

# What about the other activities?

Based on our observations of data for other activities, we found that Meili salary levels are still accurate, and we don’t feel the need to update other grids for now.

However this will always be a work in progress. We would like to stay as relevant as possible regarding market trends, and welcome any participation in the definition of those grids.

Last Updated: 12/26/2023, 9:33:33 AM