# Internal Glossary


Brick emoji 🧱: the equivalent of "congratulations" - used by team members to congratulate other team members when they do something cool and/or important in their work.


DevRel: Developer Relations team. E.g. "DevRel is attending a conference this week"

Docs: commonly used term for software documentation


Integrations: Libraries that help the users to integrate Meilisearch in their project (website, mobile app, back-end API...)

ISO: When a new software version is not breaking, we say that it is ISO. Basically means "consistent"


Morternoon: a short way of saying good morning and good afternoon since we are in multiple time zones.


:radis: emoji: A "radis" is a radish. It sounds very much like "ready" when you say it in French, and will be most commonly be used with a question mark to ask someone if they are ready for something (a phone call, meeting, going to lunch...).


🦭 Seal is the mascot Sam has chosen every time he's had to introduce SaaS for the past 6 months [Apr-Oct 2021] during the followup meetings. It has become a gimmick that will stick!

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