# Strategy

# Focus

Meilisearch aims to become the standard search technology that most developers (individuals & organizations) use in the future.

Our open-source technology should be as accessible as possible to any developer.

As users, we don't want to use an unintuitive search bar anymore; we don't want to adapt to software that is not well designed anymore; we want the software and its search feature to be as intuitive as possible.

We are building the standard of search technology. Today, we are still developing features that some of our competitors already have and are industry standards at this time. Tomorrow, we aim to become the standard to follow.

Thanks to our community of developers & organizations using Meilisearch, we have unique insight into the industry, allowing us to build our roadmap for the future of search.

# Differentiation

  • Meilisearch's main features are open-source. Any developer can customize & extend its functionality for free.
  • Meilisearch community is growing fast. Everybody benefits from the community support & contributions.
  • Meilisearch has a bottom-up approach. If we can convince individual developers today, we will persuade any organization to use Meilisearch tomorrow.
  • We designed Meilisearch with simplicity in mind. In a world where implementing search features are complicated, Meilisearch aims to make it as easy-as-possible for a wide range of profiles.
  • Meilisearch total cost of ownership is very low. The project being open-source, any organization can try it quickly, and there is no vendor lock-in.

# People

We believe that with the right team, we can achieve anything. Meilisearch teams are its first strength, and we commit to investing in consequence for the long term. Our values reflect what we value in our colleagues. Meilisearch pays special attention to the people we hire and focus on providing a great work environment. We provide, among other perks:

  • Four days work week
  • Hybrid setup with a distributed team over different continents & offices in Paris
  • Transparent salary grid
  • Equity for everyone

# Organization

As a funded startup, Meilisearch's internal organization is regularly evolving.

There will be many opportunities for team members to grow and evolve in different roles. Our recruitments will focus on acquiring skills we don't have.

With our current focus on open-source, our team is highly technical. As we evolve into a more traditional company with a stronger focus on revenue, we will diversify our roles and hire more business/marketing/sales roles.

We highly value diversity in the team, and we will prioritize our recruitments with people coming from different backgrounds & different experiences that we already have.

Last Updated: 12/26/2023, 9:33:33 AM