# Open Source Software sponsorship

Support your favorite OSS developers or project!

Meili will reimburse up to $50/month for you to sponsor open source on GitHub or OpenCollective.

# Why does Meili sponsor OSS?

As any software builder, we heavily rely on OSS. OSS financial sustainability is not that obvious to every developer and project and we think sponsoring OSS projects and developers is first step in giving back to the community

# Why isn't Meili offering direct sponsorship, and is offering reimbursement instead?

It is easier for you to decide which project you would like to support, and gives you more flexibility around the amount you would like to give. You can decide to give $5 to one project, $13 to another project... or spend the whole amount on a sole project. It's up to you.

# How does this work?

As a Meili team member, you can choose developers and/or projects you would like to support financially. Once you've issued payment, you will receive a receipt from GitHub. Please create a new expense and upload this receipt onto Payfit (French employees) or your usual expense tool.

You can find more explanations from GitHub here (opens new window).

If you are sponsoring on opencollective, ensure the receipts you hand for reimbursement display the name of the project you are sponsoring.

⚠️ When choosing to sponsor a project or person, you can choose to sponsor via an organization. If you are going to ask for reimbursement, please do not sponsor via an organization. We prefer individual sponsorship.

# Can others see my sponsorship on my GitHub profile?

Yes! Which we think is a good thing. You will have the possibility to make your sponsorship public or private. If you're asking for reimbursement, we will ask for your sponsorship to be public.

# Why is this offered only on GitHub and opencollective?

It seems to be simplest way to get started. If you have any specific demands regarding other platforms, please let @Thomas Payet know, and it will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

# Which project and/or developer should I sponsor?

It's possible you're indecisive about who or what to sponsor. Please join our #oss-sponsorship slack channel if you're looking for inspiration, or you'd like to discuss this with other team members.

Sponsorship is not mandatory. If you're lacking inspiration, haven't noticed anything you found interesting, no pressure.

You can choose to sponsor any project / developer as long as it is open source.

Last Updated: 12/26/2023, 9:33:33 AM