# Paid Time Off (PTO)

# General rules

Number of PTO

No matter your status or type of contract (French employee, contractor, international employee through a PEO), you benefit from 6 weeks of paid time off for a full year's work.

🎂 1 additional day of PTO is offered on your birthday, if it occurs during a weekday.

🔋 We encourage you to take all your paid time off days and to take at least one longer break of 2 consecutive weeks or more each year. If, after a full year at Meili, your PTO balance is 4 weeks or more, we’ll assume you’ve not rested enough. Please take these days off!

How to take your PTO

⚠️ Please schedule ahead of time. Paid time off requests should be made as soon as possible, ideally 1 month before you'd like it to begin. Depending on the length of your time off request, more time may be necessary to plan, to avoid disorganizing the activity of your team. Your manager may refuse a request if it risks harming operations.

👉 Ask your manager for your time off through an email, a Slack message, a text... What is important is that your manager is informed of your intention to take time off so they can organize accordingly.

👉 If the request hasn't been made sufficiently ahead of time and if your absence can cause difficulties in team organization, your manager may refuse.

👉 Submit your PTO request to your manager through the platform you usually use (Payfit, Oyster HR...).

👉 If there is no platform to make a demand, please update your personal Google Sheets to reflect your PTO.

👉 Once it's accepted, send an invitation to "Meili Holidays (opens new window)" in your Google Calendar (click on the link to add it to your calendar). It will show everyone when you will be out of office.

  • Toggle to see an illustrated example


💡 Don’t forget to cancel the appointments in your calendar once your PTO is accepted.

# If you are an International team member

International team members are bound to the labor laws of the country they live in. We don’t have the authority of editing international employment contracts and work with Oyster HR (opens new window), who may be acting either as your direct employer or an intermediary between you and your direct employer. These laws change from country to country, so please refer to your employment contract in the first place. If legally possible, should these labor laws be less favorable than what Meili offers, we will ask Oyster to change your contract in order to offer 30 days time off.

Here is the process to benefit from your time off:

  • Please discuss the dates with your manager beforehand, as soon as you know when you’d like to take leave.
  • Once your manager has agreed, submit your request on Oyster.
  • Add your days off to the Meili Holidays Calendar (on Google Calendar).

If you are a contractor, Oyster doesn't provide an automatic count of the days you have left. We will share with you a Google Sheets file to follow this. When you have made the request on Oyster, please enter the dates of your PTO days in the Google file, so that the count is done correctly.

If you’d like to take an unpaid leave, the process is the same. Oyster HR (opens new window) will change your invoice or payslip accordingly.

☝ If all your days haven’t been used by the end of the year, please refer to your employment contract and local labor law, as rules may change depending on where you work. By default and for contractors, if all your days haven’t been used by the end of the year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st), they roll over to the next. After 2 years, they are lost.

# If you have a local French contract

💡 The Convention Collective SYNTEC provides additional information regarding paid time off, and specific off days such as a mariage or a family passing. Please feel free to consult it and see the HR team if you have any questions.

⚠️ Careful! ⚠️ The dashboard in Payfit does not take the future into account. If you see you have 10 days of time off left but have already requested 3 days next month, Payfit will display your balance as 10 days. It also affects your RTT: half of your RTT days are attributed by Meili, but you will still see the full credit until the days are passed.


Legal time off ("congé payé"):

  • 5 weeks total / calendar year (5 day week basis)
  • Cumulated amount / month : 2,08 days
  • You may take your time off in anticipation of the days you will accumulate in the months to come.
  • You can request your paid time off through Payfit by selecting "Congé payé" and indicating the dates. Your manager will receive an email, and will refuse or validate. You will receive a notification when they do.
  • Add your days off to the Meili Holidays Calendar (on Google Calendar).

Additional time off ("RTT"):

  • Between 8 & 11 days / calendar year. The number of RTT is calculated as follow: Days in the year – paid time off (25 days) – weekend days – bank holidays during the week – worked days (this is defined in your contract) = number of RTT days
  • Half of those days will be appointed by Meili direction (dates will be communicated at the beginning of each year). The other half is free for you to appoint.
  • No accumulation —> in Payfit you will acquire the RTT all at once, starting January 1st of each year.
  • If they are not taken by December 31st, you will lose them. They are not cumulated from one year to the other.
  • If you have outstanding RTT at the end of a contract, they will not be paid.
  • Add your days off to the Meili Holidays Calendar (on Google Calendar).

🕙 If you joined Meili during the year, you will have a fraction of RTT (for example 2.3 day, 5.73 day…) in December. You can only either take a half-day (0.5) or a full day (1). Examples: if you end up with 0.3 day, these digits are lost. If you end up with 0.73 day, you can take 0.5 day and the remaining 0.23 are lost.

Unpaid time off ("congé sans solde"):

  • A justified & unpaid absence
  • Ideally not to be used often, it is better if you use the other options
  • Can be used if for example if you have used all your other PTO and need additional time off

Rest days ("repos")

  • Paid time off that you do not acquire contractually but that your manager can decide to give you
  • Must be used exceptionally
  • Can be used for example if you have been asked to work on special events during the weekend, or during an evening.

Day of your birthday 🎂

  • If your birthday happens during a weekday, you are allowed to take it as paid time off. In Payfit please put it down at "repos"

Special events according to the Convention Collective (full list here (opens new window))

  • Mariage or PACS (opens new window) → 4 additional days off

  • Must be taken maximum 6 months after the official date of union

  • The 4 days must be taken simultaneously

  • Select “Type d’absences”, then “Autre”, then “Evénement familial”. Add the dates and a justification document.