# Health Insurance

Meilisearch reimburses a base of 86 EUR/month for your health insurance.

Depending on your contract and your local legislation, this base may vary a bit.

  • If you have a local contract on Oyster HR, the health insurance package that Oyster identified for your country will be added. If there are several options, we will discuss this with you.
  • If you have a local contract on Payfit, the health insurance package from Alan will be added. This package includes you and any children, and you can choose to add an additional option to cover your partner, paid by you.
  • If you have a freelance contract, health insurance is included in your monthly package.

✋🏼 If you need to update your health insurance coverage (change in your household for example), please contact HR so we can make the necessary changes.


🙅🏼‍♀️ If you don’t want to be covered by Meilisearch’s health insurance, please notify the HR team as we will need you to fill up some paperwork to make this official, or decline directly through Alan if you have a French contract.

Last Updated: 12/26/2023, 9:33:33 AM